Sunday, May 27, 2018

Renewables not taking off in PH? Why?

Clean air, act

Rizal Philippines
May 26, 2018

I did a great deal of study on renewables especially solar. But several thing are standing in the way of renewables:

1. The idea that we must provide low cost electricity to the people (political motive) And coal is about P3.00+  per kwh.   Solar would be about  P10+  because of low FIT

2.  The DUI are not buying the more expensive solar.

3. The power gen from the  rooftop has been effectively stopped by a big DUI. The max  amount that can be bought by DUI is 100 kwh, and only at Generation cost which is very low.l...

But Houston, Earth has a big problem on Energy:

People from DOE (kaya kayo sinususpende ni Du30 eh) you are not thinking well of the world and country's future.  You are thinking with your  wallets...Para sa bayan please:

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Air pollution is getting worse?!

Clean air, act

Rizal Philippines
November 18, 2017

I know of several people suddenly getting ill when the cold nights started coming in, the BRE months.   It is not because of the cold, its because of pollution which seems to be getting worse.  In our office, absences due to people calling sick is on the rise.

Look at these pictures taken from San Carlos Heights

                                Mangitim ngitim usok

                            Maaliwalas langit sa Eastern
                             side ng lake